Who Invented Sex Dolls? The history of sex dolls

Who invented sex dolls? by passion4dolls

Who Invented Sex Dolls? The history of sex dolls

In this article, we discover the history, of who invented the sex dolls and why. We will explore historical curiosities about sex dolls to date.

Deciding to buy a sex doll has many advantages that every man knows well.

Having a realistic doll on hand gives you the freedom to have sex at any time. It is also an important tool for getting to know each other better, experiencing new sensations and improving one’s sexuality. It is very useful for improving personal well-being.

Woody Allen explains it very well:

“Don’t condemn masturbation. It’s having sex with someone you really appreciate.”

In this millennium, sex has been cleared through. Becoming familiar with personal pleasure makes every man freer.

The history of sex dolls is as old as man. Men have always fantasized about the possibility of having a sex doll all by themselves.

Since prehistorical times, passing through Greek myths, male desire remained unchanged.

Today we live in the era of artificial intelligence and every man has the opportunity to buy his own sex doll, realistic in every detail.

Able to satisfy all preferences, tastes and sexual inclinations of all kinds.

This availability comes to the aid of all men, to nourish and satisfy the ancestral desire for pleasure but also to develop a personal knowledge, important for the relationship with oneself.

Buying a TPE sex doll solves many obstacles that modern man has to face: loneliness, the lack of the opportunity to know someone or the simple comparison with other men.

But beware, all these reasons have existed for a long time.

Human history shows a constant pursuit of pleasure.


Over the centuries there have been many imaginative and original attempts that have made possible creating the current sex doll.

In this article we tell the story of realistic dolls because many people think it is a modern invention.


Driven by curiosity, we have explored the topic to share it with you. We found that man has always tried to represent woman to have fun and experience exciting emotions.



Historically, man has always found inspiration in beautiful women. Nowadays these impulses are transformed into perfect traps. Many men in the world fall into an endless game: dates.

There are chats in which you can meet a woman and talk to her. Shame that these women don’t exist.

The answers that aspiring suitors receive are the result of chatbots, created to give the illusion of talking to a real person.

Millions of men in America and around the world live in a state of frustration. This concerns all men in any social context, young and old. Realistic sex dolls make attractive companions and never disappoint.

Let’s begin…

Primitives: the first sex dolls in the Paleolithic


Today we have come to the awareness that sexuality, like nutrition, are not aimed exclusively at the satisfaction of a physiological need.

It also represent a real act of communication, through which we offer a gesture of love, we transmit belonging degree, our culture degree, our refinement degree. We also communicate personality and the social level too.


This knowledge is the result of human evolution. The starting point is always a doll.



It is thought that prehistoric man, or at least paleolithic man, dedicated the first artistic representations, exclusively dedicated to women and not to couples or groups.

Venus steatopygia, antique stone sex doll

Images, which are 20,000 years old,

have been discovered in the Moors near Menton.

These show a “Venus steatopygia“:

Willendorf’s is a red doll,

with well designed sex and complete with necklace, bracelet and hairstyle.



Another, more recent, shows a man in a position of supplication-adoration in front of a woman taller than him.

It is therefore possible that the cult of women was born in this period.

An erotical cult rather than religious.

At the end of the Ice Age (from 12,000 to 6000 years BC), cultures and farming replaced hunting. It is possible that in this period the multiplication of human beings has favored unions without precise tribal rules.

A statue of fertility, dating back to more than 30 thousand years ago, would bear unmistakable signs that show how sex had other purposes than exclusively biological ones.

An ancient stone phallus was found in a cave in Germany and it has been carefully studied. It would demonstrate that couple exchanges and “sex toys” were normal even then.

Ancient prehistoric penises carved in stone, By Passion4dolls


All these findings, studied by anthropological experts, show that sex was free for women and men.


Men in particular made these dolls in the hope that the gods would grant them a companion, with whom to spend their life.

Those men would be amazed by our modern world. Today it is enough easy going on internet and buy a fully silicone sex doll, perfectly similar to real women.

To conclude…

Primitive sex with a woman, by Passion4dolls real sex dolls

Primitive men continued to model dolls for at least another 25,000 years, up to the ancient Greek culture.

The dolls are no longer modeled or drawn: for the first time they are carved in marble.


Pygmalion: the statue that becomes human


To start…

Pygmalion was a young King of Cyprus, according to a legend narrated by Ovid’s Metamorphoses He was famous for his skill as a sculptor.

Was so devoted to art that he devoted himself entirely to it, giving up marriage.

The sculptor spent his bachelor life sleeping alone at night.

Thanks to his inspiration and his artistic talent, he sculpted a female figure of greater beauty than any living woman in white marble, falling in love with her.

This statue looked like a real woman, so much so that he imagined her alive and eager to move.

Pygmalion with his woman carved in stone


Pygmalion taken from the image of her body, perfectly carved in white marble like ivory, contemplating her fell in love with her.

He often stretched his hands towards her work of hers to ascertain whether it was made of flesh or ivory white.

Hardly believing her fingers, he denied it was ivory.


He kissed her and it seemed to him that she was responding to her kisses.

He talked to her, held her, and believed her fingers to sink into the flesh and skin she touched, fearing he would even leave bruises on her skin.

Pygmalion, filled her with tenderness and brought her those gifts that young women love: shells, smooth pebbles, small birds, flowers, lilies, colored balls and drops of amber from the Eliadi tree.

He put beautiful dresses on her, put rings on her fingers, long necklaces around her neck and pearl pendants on her ears.

At night the sculptor, who called her Galatea, considering her as a lover, made her rest her head on soft feather pillows, as if she were aware of it.


The day of the feast of Aphrodite calls all the people of Cyprus to the temple of the protector to sacrifice to the goddess large mules with curved horns covered with gold and burn incense.

Pygmalion also brings her gift to the altars, in front of which she he stops whispering timidly…

“O gods, if it is true that you can grant everything, I have a wish: I would like her to be my wife, a woman like the ivory one!”.

The goddess Aphrodite, who was present at her feast, perceived the real meaning of this plea so here the flame on the altar, symbol of the goddess’s benevolence, was rekindled three times and darted upwards.

Pygmalion, as soon as he got home, from the statue of her and lying on the bed next to her. Starting to kiss her: he seemed to touch something warm.

Pygmalion with his woman


Again he approached his mouth and touched her chest with his hands: at the touch the ivory white softened, leaving its rigidity, gave way under the fingers, like beeswax that becomes soft in the sun and, worked by the thumb, takes various forms.

Pygmalion was enchanted, he was letting himself go to joy, but, afraid of making a mistake, full of love he touched the object of his desires over and over again.

It was really a living body! Veins throbbed under the pressure of his fingers.

Finally the young king full of gratitude thanked the goddess.


Pygmalion pressed her lips to a real mouth and gave kisses that the young woman felt: blushing and looking shyly at his gaze so the man who loved her appeared.

Aphrodite, satisfied, attended the wedding of which she had been the architect. After “nine times the moon had joined its horns to complete the circle” (after nine months).

The bride fathered Paphos, from which the island took its name.

Paphos, successor of Pygmalion, was the father of Cinira, who founded the city of Paphos in Cyprus and built the famous temple of Aphrodite there.

The original myth of Pygmalion was written by Ovid and has been handed down over the centuries through the work Metamorphosis.

This myth shows us that the desire to create the perfect woman is in our DNA.

Which has remained unchanged over time until today.

In fact, thinking about sleeping with a stone statue in our bed is incredible because we just have to admire it.

But without having the opportunity to express our sexual desire.

This Greek myth makes us realize how lucky we are.


Today thanks to science and technology we have the possibility to have a realistic sex doll that can satisfy all our sexual needs.

Why are sex dolls called Dutch wives?


In history there have been other attempts to represent the female body, to enjoy their soft and sinuous shapes.

In the era of exploration, the Dutch began sending naval expeditions to discover new lands and establish trade relations with peoples and nations around the world.

They did hoping to create enough wealth to break free from submission to the mighty Spanish empire.

Dutch ship in the sea, by Passion4dolls real sex dolls


The Dutch have established a special treaty with Japan.

The Tokugawa shogunate of Japan disliked the influence of foreigners, so they entered into an exclusive agreement that allowed the Dutch. This way they were the only Western power that could trade directly with them.

Japan had many cultural exchanges with the Dutch, the latter imported the excellent wheat to make bread.

Christianity now established in Europe, but a revolutionary thing that the Dutch introduced in Japan were sex dolls and so it was born the infamous term “Dutch wives”.

In fact, in the seventeenth century Dutch sailors forced to take long voyages by sea, to comfort the nights of solitude, built puppets with feminine features with fabrics and old clothes, suitable for masturbation.

According to the witnesses of the time, they had a human shape without a precise definition and were filled with beads or straw.


Their faces were often made of cloth and leather, while the eyes, nose, mouth and blush were painted.

The captain of the ship would have a doll with a porcelain face, kept in his cabin for personal use. While the sailors shared dolls among themselves.

The Japanese fascinated by these dolls, bought some and immediately realizing their potential immediately put them on sale to local men, who began to enjoy them.

The term “Dutch wife” is used in Japan today as a synonym for prostitute.

This is because many men did not have the opportunity to buy them, so they were rented like prostitutes in brothels.

Prostitutes in a Japanese brothel, by Passion4dolls real sex dolls


It is thought that the likely sharing of sex dolls is thought to have contributed to the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

Dolls were difficult to clean, in fact if a cloth doll got wet it started to give off a terrible smell.

“The Dutch Wives” would remain the only dolls in use until the advent of mannequins and the invention of vinyl, hundreds of years later, with the first inflatable dolls.


Curiosities and legends


Mughal self-eroticism. By passion4dolls real sex dolls

We also find evidence in ancient pictorial art.

In a famous illustration kept at the Wellcome Library in London, dating back to the nineteenth century.

Here a Mughal is having sex with a sex doll and dildos mounted on a table.


In more recent history we also find a famous urban legend.

It is said that in 1941 Adolf Hitler wanted to prevent his troops from contracting venereal diseases by associating with prostitutes.

Then, he ordered the construction of a factory to make sex dolls. These had to satisfy the sexual needs of the soldiers. Although the real purpose was to preserve the purity of the Aryan race.

Project never realized.

Hitler looks at sex dolls, by Passion4dolls real sex dolls


All these historical curiosities give us a complete look into the world of sex dolls. Protagonists every day in our intimacy, since the dawn of time.

In this article we have traveled through time, observing the evolution of sex dolls that are now part of our popular culture.

Their presence continues to persist in literature, film, television and art as well.


who invented sex dolls? modern sex doll
A Modern Sex Doll

But the real protagonist is science combined with the search for the best materials that every day allows us to improve our incredible sex dolls, real down to the smallest detail.

In this article, we took a short journey through history and found out who invented sex dolls.

Who invented sex dolls?

Now you know!


Do you know other curiosities? Write in the comments or write us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

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