Refunds Policy

Refunds Policy

Refunds are allowed in case of error on our part or if the product arrives at your home severely damaged.

When you receive your doll, it is crucial to perform a thorough inspection, taking every detail into consideration, from head to toe. Before using the doll in any way, it is essential to take the time for this procedure. Here is a detailed guide on how to do it:

  1. Begin by carefully inspecting the outer box the doll was delivered in. Make sure there are no obvious signs of damage, dents or tears. So you can report what’s wrong directly to the courier. We strongly recommend that you take photographs of the box from different angles before opening it. These images can be useful as evidence in case you encounter problems later.
  2. Now, very carefully, open the box. Be sure to do this carefully to avoid accidentally damaging the doll when opening. Avoid or use sharp tools very carefully to open the box.
  3. Once the box is opened, carefully take out the doll and inspect it carefully. Check every part of his body, from head to toe, for any flaws or damage. Be sure to examine the eyes, hair, joints, clothing and any other elements that constitute it.
  4. If you encounter any problems with your doll or any obvious damage, it is important to report it to us at Passion4dolls immediately. You can do this using the contact form. Make sure you provide all the necessary information and describe the problem in as much detail as possible. This will help us understand the nature of the problem and provide you with an appropriate solution.
  5. It is highly recommended to attach any clear photos or videos that can unambiguously document the problem you are experiencing. These visual tests will be extremely useful in evaluating the situation and in guaranteeing you a better service.


Non-refundable defects

  • Leather: Small imperfections or slight variations in the surface of the leather, such as injection points or mold seam lines, caused during the manufacturing process are not defects covered by our money back guarantee. These unique details are considered part of your doll’s individual character.


  • Fingernails, toenails and eyelashes: Dolls’ nails may become loose during shipping. Should this happen, please simply remove them and reapply them using nail glue. Occasionally, your eyelashes may also loosen, but this is simple to fix.


  • Makeup: Each doll is handcrafted, including the application of semi-permanent makeup. Therefore, there may be small variations, making each doll unique. Before shipping, you will receive photos of your doll to confirm the makeup. If you notice any significant discrepancies from your expectations, please report it so we can make corrections before shipping.


  • User Damage: If we believe any damage is due to improper handling or negligence on your part, the warranty will not cover such damage. This may include hyperextension of the limbs or damage caused by inappropriate handling. We will carefully evaluate the situation and make a decision based on all information provided. The final decision will be up to Passion4dolls.


  • Custom Dolls: If you have made specific requests or customizations (such as changing skin color, nipple size, vagina color, etc.), your doll is considered custom made and made exclusively for you. We are open to discussing the possibility of return and refund if you are not satisfied with it, but a full refund cannot be guaranteed automatically unless the doll is truly faulty or does not match the order specifications. Each case will be treated individually.


  • Used Dolls: We do not accept returns of used dolls, but we are available to assist you in resolving any problems should they arise.

In summary, carefully inspecting your doll before use is crucial to ensure that it is in perfect condition and meets your expectations. Should you encounter any problems, do not hesitate to report them immediately in a detailed and complete manner, so that we can resolve the situation in the best possible way. Protection Status Check Passion4dolls on