Ultra realistic Love doll Kayla 163cm

Ultra realistic Love doll tpe & silicone sex doll

Ultra realistic Love doll Kayla 163cm


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Tpe sex doll with Silicone head

High quality Surgical and hypoallergenic Silicone/Tpe

Realistic textured skin like real women

The cavities of the anus and vagina are modeled following the real human anatomy

Every detail has been studied and cared for to ensure maximum pleasure and sensory realism

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Customize your Tpe & silicone sex doll

Enjoy customizing your sex doll with free or paid options. NOTE: if an option is not selected, the default option will be set, as in the picture.

Hair style

Select your favorite wig

Wig 1
Wig 2
Wig 3
Wig 4
Wig 5
Wig 6
Wig 7
Wig 8
Wig 9
Wig 10
As in the picture

Hair Implanted

The implanted hair with an additional cost, choose between synthetic or real hair. The implanted hair is long and smooth.


Select the eye color you prefer

As in the picture

Skin color

Select your doll's complexion

Ligth Tan

Breast Type

Select Full or Hollow breast for free. If you love Ultra-Realistic breasts select Gel Breast. NOTE: Hollow breast, gel breast are not suitable for the heating system

Full Breast
Hollow Breast
Gel Breast

Areola color

Select the areola color you prefer

As in the picture

Nails color

Ligth Red
As in the picture

Pubic hair

Customize your doll's vagina by selecting the hair style and the inside of the vaginal canal. The removable vagina is aesthetically the same as the fixed one.

As in the picture

Internal Vagina

Choose the type of internal structure of the vagina

Built in

Vagina color

Select the color of the vaginal lips you prefer

As in the picture

Internal Skeleton

Select the internal skeleton of your sex doll. The EVO skeleton allows you to shrug your shoulders and make more movements.

Normal Skeleton
EVO Skeleton

Types of feet

Select the type of feet, we recommend the reinforced feet for greater stability of the doll in standing poses

Does not stand up
Can stand up

Tpe Skin

Tpe (Thermoplastic elastomer) Compared with normal TPE, Jelly TPE is even softer to the touch. It has a much more realistic visual and body effect. Platinum TPE, on the other hand, is as soft as Jelly TPE, but requires lessmaintenance time, because it does not need to be oiled and therefore it will not be necessary to use talcum powder.

Premium Option

Choose one or more premium options to make your doll perfect and even more realistic

Body Heating
Moaning Function
Realistic Body Painting
Facial Freckles
Tongue Free
Don't Need
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Ultra realistic Love doll Kayla

About the product

Ultra realistic Love doll Kayla 163cm. With sturdy metal alloy skeleton and high quality soft Tpe body skin and silicone head. Her body hair is implanted directly to the skin, with the exception of the wig. Kayla is a young career love doll. She is willing to do anything for success, with her slim and sexy body she will win your heart too. If you like sexy dolls that make a career thanks to you, with a slim and well-built body, buy Ultra realistic Love doll Kayla, created by JYDoll. This brand also offers the possibility to select three types of Tpe: Normal, already quite soft and realistic. Jelly, it is softer and more flaky. Finally… The tpe platinum, like tpe jelly but does not need to be oiled in maintenance.  To conclude, thanks to these types of Tpe you can better choose the one that’s right for you.

Who is the JYDoll?

Firstly, JY Doll is a manufacturer, specialized in the construction of Sex Dolls in TPE. One of the most professional brand in design and production of innovative models and always at the cutting edge.Since 2016 it manufactured dolls with realistic skin in TPE. Thanks to their thermoplastic elastomer formulae, Sex Dolls are soft and smooth to the touch, similar to real human skin.It use skeleton in metal alloy with stark structure and high quality that hold positions very well, they are well-jointed and they last for a long time.Secondly, the care of details and the great artistic and harmonious sense in the choise of design, make JY Dolls one of the brands of excellence.
To conclude…
JY Doll, creates only guaranteed and safe products, compliant with laws and environmental standards, because it subjects all the materials it uses to severe laboratory tests. They have FDA, CE and RoHS certification.

Our services

Passion4dolls always guarantees and recommends the best for its customers. We select the most beautiful models of sex dolls, exclusively from official brands. We extend our service beyond the sale of the single product. Our commitment is to assist you and advise you, for example, on: maintenance, care and cleaning of your sex doll. We also periodically update the dolls on the site.For any information or curiosity we are available. Do not hesitate to contact usor write to us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.


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Technical Features

Material: Surgical Tpe & Silicone

DOLL SIZE: 163 cm

Silicone head don’t have oral fuction

Neck: 27 cm

Shoulder Breadth: 33 cm

Arm Length: 63cm

Palm Length: 15 cm

Leg Length: 90 cm

Foot Length: 21 cm

Full Bust: 83 cm

Under Bust: 61 cm

Waist: 53 cm

Hip: 92 cm

Weight: 39kg

No Oral fuction

Vaginal Depth: 18 cm

Anal Depth: 15 cm

Packing Size: 150*43*32 cm

Frequently asked questions on sex dolls

Every man has the right to have a rewarding and satisfying sex life.

Owning a gorgeous sex doll will take simple masturbation to a next level and your cravings and fantasies will finally take shape.

The sex dolls that we offer are of the highest quality, built to stimulate and make your intimate moments pleasant. You will finally be able to live your fantasies and definitively abandon yourself to pleasure.

A very important aspect is safety, in fact you have nothing to worry about because your sex doll will be yours and nobody else's.

Safe sex even without any protection, the risk of contracting diseases is excluded. Simple daily hygiene will suffice.

If your goal is to have lots of sex without hindrance, sex dolls are the solution.

Your sex doll will not complain about your delays and, above all, will never say that she has a headache.

It will make your sex life free from complications, you will not have disappointments, at any time of the day your hot doll will give you the pleasure you deserve.

Your money will be well spent because you will never have any setbacks, you will finally have the opportunity to turn your innermost fantasies into reality.

Without any haste or pressure, you will also be free from judgments about your performance.

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For the purchase of your sex doll, we use the best payment security systems. We offer several payment methods: Bank transfer, credit/debit card, Paypal, pay now or later. You can also pay comfortably through the circuits: Mybank and Paynow.
Absolutely yes! Thanks to the paypal system you can set the installments you prefer and pay comfortably without problems

Once payment is received, we will start building the realistic doll according to your choices.

Production times can vary from 3 to 8 working days for Tpe dolls. 15 to 20 working days for silicone dolls.

These times depend on the type of sex doll chosen and the manufacturer..

The full breast is more hard and compact to the touch, the hollow breast is softer and lighter.Instead, the gel breast offers a 100% realistic impact like a real woman's breasts (paid customization).The choice is purely based on your tastes.

Many of our real sex dolls can be customized in all their parts including the choice of the type of skeleton.

If you choose the normal skeleton, you can have fun with your sex doll in traditional poses.

With this type of skeleton, the doll's head is screwed into the joint pin; The shoulders cannot move downwards or upwards and the knees bend at a limited angle.

If instead you choose the advanced or Evo skeleton, in addition to traditional poses you can experiment poses that require more joint flexibility, for greater pleasure. It will also give your real doll more longevity.

With this type of skeleton, the head is fixed with a simple click in the joint pin, the shoulders can move in several directions, there is greater mobility of the pelvis and the knee joints are more flexible and robust.

(This kind of customization is only available for JY Doll & Irontech-Doll dolls).

This is an important question to make the best use of your doll.There is no difference in penetration, both types are modeled to offer you a realistic stimulation.In terms of comfort, however, the removable vagina is the most convenient choice. It will be enough to extract the vagina and cleaning will be very easy.* note: not all brands offer this kind of customization.
We always guarantee the best materials for the creation of our sex dolls, safe and in compliance with environmental standards. All sex dolls are made of high quality, hypoallergenic surgical silicone

Shipments to the United States will take 10 to 20 business days.

As for shipments to Europe, it will take 15 to 30 working days.

As soon as your package is shipped, we will send you the tracking code to keep track of your shipment.

Note: In January and February shipping times vary due to Chinese holidays.

Absolutely not.All prices include shipping and customs fees.

Due to the intimate nature of our products, returns are not allowed.

Every sale is final and therefore please be sure of your purchase.

Refunds are allowed in rare cases of error on our part or if the product arrives at your home severely damaged.

To get a refund, just report the problems you encountered plus the photographic evidence by sending everything through our "contact us" page.

We will evaluate the problem and we will apply the refund of the damage received.

Note: We do not take any responsibility if the product is damaged during removal from the box or during use.

Note: Our boxes are equipped with tamper-evident seals, if at the time of delivery you notice anomalies in the package, please report them immediately to the courier.