Male Sex Doll Ryu Torso in Realistic TPE


Male Asian Sex Doll, Ryu beautiful Torso in realistic TPE.

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Male Sex Doll Ryu

About the Product

Male Sex Doll Ryu is a torso sex toy. Height; 94 cm, it has the body made of high quality soft Tpe. Moreover, her body hair is implanted directly to the skin, except for the wig. Ryu is a torso that represents a beautiful Asian male. He appears to be sleeping but his 17cm penis looks awake. All parts and joints are fixed, they cannot move. If you like submissive Asian males, choose the Male Sex Doll Ryu, created by Qita. This brand by stylistic choice, creates the dolls only with 2 usable orifices. Therefore, her dolls have no mouth. In particular, Ryu has only the hole in the anus.


Who is Qita?

Firstly, Qita-dolls is one of the most elitist manufacturer of north-eastern China.

In fact, thanks to its large team of designers and make-up artists, it manages to offer very attractive sex dolls.  Furthermore, they are artfully designed and built.

Secondly, Qita carefully builds her high quality sex dolls in soft tpe.
It stands out in the creation of dolls with young and very realistic faces. Sex dolls artfully built in every detail.

  • Qita produces dolls with fixed vagina only, for a better realism.
  • The doll has two orifices: anus and vagina.
  • The height of the dolls is measured with the feet facing down. So in an upright position, your doll measures 8-10 cm shorter. According to the specified height.
To conclude…

Qita, creates only guaranteed and safe products, compliant with laws and environmental standards, because it subjects all the materials it uses to severe laboratory tests. They have FDA, CE and RoHS certification.

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Technical Features

Fixed head

Material: TPE

Height: 94cm

Width: 48cm

Thickness: 20cm

Penis: 17cm

Mouth: 16cm

Anus: 12cm

Weight: 25KG

Package: 100*52*25cm