Miniature of Sex Doll only 55cm Sally

Miniature of Sex Doll 55cm Sally

Miniature of Sex Doll only 55cm Sally


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Miniature sex doll with silicone body and vinyl head.

Head easy to assemble.

Integrated, strong and articulated skeleton.

Articulated finger skeleton.

Vaginal sex only.

Appearance with attention to the smallest details.

All miniature sex dolls are easy to use, clean and store.

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Customize your Mini sex doll

Vinyl Head

Sally Head
Eudora head
Gina head
Head of housemaid
Sailor moon head
Zella Head
As in the picture


As in the picture

Wigs for mini heads

Long brown curly hair
Long dark blue hair
Long straight brown hair
Long straight pink hair
Long wavy blonde hair
Short purple hair
Short straight gray hair
As in the picture

Mini Clothes

Case for mini sex doll

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Case Bag 12cm x 70cm +$80
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Video illustration of the movements of a mini sex doll


Mini Sex Doll Video Guide “Use and Assembly”


Difference between a Climax mini sex doll and a fake miniature sex doll?

In the illustrations below, the difference between a Climax miniature sex doll (CLM) and a common fake sex doll is clearly visible.

In the Climax mini sex dolls, there is a metal alloy skeleton inside that simulates real joints. It reproduces the movements and poses of real human beings. The joints bend precisely and stably, are strong and hold positions well.

The mini sex dolls that are on the market at a low price do not have an integral skeleton all over the sex doll. Arms and legs are made with a gimbal tube (flexible metal tube) which makes it impossible to put your mini sex doll in position, it will not stand in pose because the gimbal tube always tends to return to its original shape. In short, it will never look realistic.

Difference of skeleton articulation

Another very relevant difference between a fake miniature sex doll and an original Climax (CLM) is the hands.

In a cheap mini sex doll you can see how the hands have no joints and no phalanx. He will not be able to make any gesture with his hands and he will not be able to grasp anything.

On the other hand, in the tiny sex dolls of the Climax, the hands have a well-articulated structure and miniature phalanges.

Hands can take on all gestures and can grasp objects

difference between finger joints  

Miniature of Sex Doll 55cm Sally

About the Mini sex dolls

Miniature of Sex Doll Sally. Height 55 cm in soft silicone with vinyl head. Sally is a miniature sex doll, she has a sad expression but her peculiarity is to have heart-shaped pupils. Her body is slender with flat breasts.. If you like sexy sex doll miniatures, choose Sally miniature sex doll created by Climax Doll. This brand creates dolls with strong and decisive and also expressive features.But…

Who is  Climax Doll?

Firstly, Climax Doll is a sex doll manufacturer since 2014, based in China. And today, she exports her dolls all over the world, with thousands of satisfied customers.It specializes in the production of lifelike sex dolls for adult. Thanks to its vast team of experts, it creates Tpe dolls with high realism and excellent quality.Secondly, it uses innovative materials designed to achieve perfect physical stimulation, equal to real women. The latter aspect is the heart of the Climax doll.
To conclude…
ClimaxDoll, creates only guaranteed and safe products, compliant with laws and environmental standards, because it subjects all the materials it uses to severe laboratory tests. They have FDA, CE and RoHS certification.

Our services

Passion4dolls always guarantees and recommends the best for its customers. We select the most beautiful models of sex dolls, exclusively from official brands. We extend our service beyond the sale of the single product. Our commitment is to assist you and advise you, for example, on: maintenance, care and cleaning of your sex doll. We also periodically update the dolls on the site.For any information or curiosity we are available. Do not hesitate to contact usor write to us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.


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Technical Features


Body measurement

Height55 cm (silicone) Vagina (vaginal sex only)12 cm
Upper chest24 cmArm length16,5 cm
Under the chest20,7 cmLength of the leg32 cm
Life19 cmNW1,8 kg
Hip29 cmGW3,5 kg
Shoulder11 cmCarton size61*21*19 cm

Frequently asked questions

on Mini sex doll

Every man has the right to have a rewarding and satisfying sex life.

Owning a gorgeous sex doll will take simple masturbation to a next level and your cravings and fantasies will finally take shape.

The sex dolls that we offer are of the highest quality, built to stimulate and make your intimate moments pleasant. You will finally be able to live your fantasies and definitively abandon yourself to pleasure.

A very important aspect is safety, in fact you have nothing to worry about because your sex doll will be yours and nobody else's.

Safe sex even without any protection, the risk of contracting diseases is excluded. Simple daily hygiene will suffice.

If your goal is to have lots of sex without hindrance, sex dolls are the solution.

Your sex doll will not complain about your delays and, above all, will never say that she has a headache.

It will make your sex life free from complications, you will not have disappointments, at any time of the day your hot doll will give you the pleasure you deserve.

Your money will be well spent because you will never have any setbacks, you will finally have the opportunity to turn your innermost fantasies into reality.

Without any haste or pressure, you will also be free from judgments about your performance.

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Absolutely yes! Thanks to the paypal system you can set the installments you prefer and pay comfortably without problems

Once payment is received, we will start building the realistic doll according to your choices.

Production times can vary from 3 to 8 working days for Tpe dolls. 15 to 20 working days for silicone dolls.

These times depend on the type of sex doll chosen and the manufacturer..

Shipments to the United States will take 10 to 20 business days.

As for shipments to Europe, it will take 15 to 30 working days.

As soon as your package is shipped, we will send you the tracking code to keep track of your shipment.

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