Black male sex doll James 175cm in Tpe

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Black male sex doll James 175cm in Tpe


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James is a young black boy with a sculpted and athletic physique. A basketball player who knows how to play the game.

SKU: IR1-MB-01

Customize your male sex doll

Enjoy customizing your male sex doll with free or paid options. NOTE: if an option is not selected, the default option will be set, as in the picture.

Eye Color

Select the eye color you prefer

Green Blue
Shining Blue
As in the picture

Skin tones.

Ligth Tanned
As in the picture

Add implanted hairs

Add the type of implanted hair you prefer

Implanted beard
Implanted goatee
Implanted chest hair
Implanted pubic hair
As in the picture

Internal Skeleton

Select the internal skeleton of your sex doll. The EVO skeleton allows you to shrug your shoulders and make more movements. The articulated fingers offer a more realistic look and make it possible for your doll to hold objects

Normal Skeleton
EVO Skeleton
Articulated Fingers

Types of feet

Select the type of feet, we recommend the reinforced feet for greater stability of the doll in standing poses

Does not stand up
Can stand up
can stand upright (with hidden vines)

Add Penis

The male sex doll already comes with a 15cm erect penis. If you want to add an extra penis or more, select your favorite

Erect penis of 15 cm
Relaxed penis of 15 cm
Relaxed penis of 25 cm
Erect penis of 25 cm

Premium Option

Choose one or more premium options to make your doll perfect and even more realistic

Body Heating
Moaning Function
Tongue (Free)
Don't need

Storage option

Select the accessories useful to keep your doll in the best way

Storage Case
Adjustable metal support
Head Hook
Don't need

Customize Face

You can customize your doll's face however you want. Send us a clearly visible photo of the face with the expression you want, we will make a 3D reproduction to show you before production.

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Black male sex doll James

About the product

Black male sex doll James. Height: 175 cm, with sturdy metal alloy skeleton and high quality soft Tpe body skin. The penis is selectable in two versions: 15 cm and 25 cm. Her body hair is implanted directly on the skin, except for the wig. James is a beautiful black guy and is a pro in basketball, which is evident in his sleek and sculpted physique. If you like handsome and sporty guys, choose the James male sex doll created by IrontechDoll.  This brand offers the possibility to also select the advanced type skeleton, which will make the doll more articulated in movements and will last longer over time.

Who is the Irontech doll?

Irontech Doll is a manufacturer specialized in the construction of realistic sex dolls, especially in high quality of  TPE.

Today it is one of the most famous brands on the market. In fact it has achieved great success in a few years and its dolls are in demand all over the world.

Irontech strives every day to satisfy its customers, through its wide team of experts and continuous research and testing of materials.

Firstly, Irontech focuses on studying real people to make sex dolls more and more realistic in every detail. And secondly, it offers a wide range of options, including the ability to create the faces of the dolls at will.

In conclusion…

Irontech, creates only guaranteed and safe products, compliant with laws and environmental standards, because it subjects all the materials it uses to severe laboratory tests. They have FDA, CE and RoHS certification.

Our services

Passion4dolls always guarantees and recommends the best for its customers. We select the most beautiful models of sex dolls, exclusively from official brands.

We extend our service beyond the sale of the single product. Our commitment is to assist you and advise you, for example, on: maintenance, care and cleaning of your sex doll. We also periodically update the dolls on the site.

For any information or curiosity we are available.

Do not hesitate to contact us

or write to us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.



Technical Features

Material: TPE

Chest line:90cm
Waist line: 76cm
Hip line: 99cm
Thigh line: 54cm
Calf line: 46cm
Feet size: 25cm
Shoulder width: 43cm
Weight: 50kg

Penis: (Big) 25cm*5.8cm (Normal) 15cm*4.3cm



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