Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely not. All prices include shipping and customs fees.

When you have placed the order and confirmed it by e-mail, we will start processing it.

If we encounter problems of any nature with your order, we will contact you by e-mail.

Shipments to the United States will take 10 to 20 business days.

As for shipments to Europe, it will take 15 to 30 working days.

As soon as your package is shipped, we will send you the tracking code to keep track of your shipment.

Note: In January and February shipping times vary due to Chinese holidays.

All our Sex dolls will be sent for free with discreet and anonymous packaging.

Each order will arrive in a box without any reference to the content, we know how important privacy and protection from prying eyes is.

The package will arrive in your hands well sealed to better preserve the contents.

Shipping is free, taxes included.

Thanks to our platform, buying a sex doll will be a very simple and intuitive process. You can choose your realistic doll from the products page and use the filters available to help you choose the product you like best. The product you will view very often can be purchased through two options: Default or Custom. If you choose the Default option: By clicking buy, you will receive the Sex doll as shown in the photo, with small variations regarding clothes, accessories and in some cases even the wig. All clothes are for illustrative purposes only and are not available for purchase. In the box you will find a sexy lingerie dress or a dress similar to the one seen in the photo. The decorative accessories in the photos such as:
  • piercing,
  • necklaces,
  • bracelets,
  • tattoos etc.
They are NOT included in the order and cannot be purchased from our shop windows. The wig is usually as in the picture. However, it may happen that some wigs are not available in stock at the time of purchase. In this case, a wig as similar as possible to the original model you saw in the photo will be included in the package. If you choose the Custom option: By clicking buy, you will receive the Sex doll with the characteristics you requested, always subject to the changes listed above. Even if you choose not to customize the doll, in some cases it will be necessary to select the type of feet and vagina, before purchasing. After deciding on the types of selection, decide whether to buy now or add to your cart to continue shopping. Once the payment has been made, you will receive a confirmation email from us regarding the purchase just made. The moment the payment is confirmed, we will begin to process your order.
Do NOT use dark clothes, we advise you to wash the clothing before having them worn by your sex partner, so that the color they contain does not stain the skin of your doll.
When you receive the package, make sure it is not damaged and evaluate the weight of the package well. For transportation, you may need help from a friend or by giving a tip to the delivery boy. People are often surprised by the weight of a realistic doll.

First step:

Before removing your real doll from the packaging, prepare an adequate space for the assembly of the doll, for example a bed or in any case a large surface. Take care to place the doll on a tablecloth or other to avoid direct contact with the floor or with fabrics unsuitable for the delicate skin of the sex doll.

Second step:

Carefully open the box by removing all the seals. We advise you NOT to use cutting objects. But if you have to, be careful. Proceed by carefully extracting the doll and all the accessories you find inside the box and remove the protective packaging.

Third step:

Assemble the head of your doll and apply the wig.  Fourth step: Have fun and enjoy the new experience with your sex toy. It will allow you to perform all the most important positions.

Fifth step:

For a good maintenance of the realistic doll, we advise you to always keep it clean and take care of it often. Find out more about: How to clean a sex doll

This is another aspect not to be underestimated. The weight will determine the management and performance with your real doll.

We have sex dolls ranging from 20kg to 50kg.

Generally there are two factors that determine the weight: the height of the dolls and their shapes.

Regarding the height, the higher your sex dolls will be, the bigger the skeleton and consequently the greater the amount of TPE or silicone that will be needed to make it.

Regarding the forms instead, the more prosperous physicists require greater quantities of TPE or silicone, for this reason they could be a little heavier.

Realistic dolls have many differences between them.

These differences concern dimensions, body proportions, weight, softness and additional customization accessories.

These differences are necessary to meet everyone's needs and uses. To better evaluate your ideal sex doll, find out more about on: Needs and personalization

Unfortunately, we don't currently accept this type of payment.