Affiliate Terms and Conditions Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions


These Affiliate Terms and Conditions constitute an agreement with Passion4dolls (this “Agreement”)

The following terms and conditions apply to individuals who access or use the Program either as a merchant (“we” or “merchant”) or as an affiliate (“you” or “affiliate”) who invites customers to use the product or service from merchant.

By participating in the Program, the Affiliate agrees to use the Program in the manner specified and is bound by these Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree to these Terms and Conditions in their entirety, you are not authorized to register as an Affiliate or participate in the Program in any way.

The affiliate program is not intended and cannot be used by minors under 18 years of age, for European countries. For non-EU countries, reference is made to national laws on the use of sites and material for adults.

1. Approval or denial of registration

We reserve the right to approve or reject any Affiliate Program Registration in our sole and absolute discretion. You will not be entitled to any legal remedy against us for refusing your registration to the affiliate program.

Furthermore, Passion4dolls has the right to terminate or suspend any affiliate account for any reason and at any time. You will not be entitled to any legal recourse against us for the suspension or termination of your account.

Commission rates may be changed at Passion4dolls’ discretion at any time without notice.

We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions and privacy policy at any time. reserves the right to refuse affiliates with the following types of sites:

• Under construction

• Sites that encourage violence, discrimination, terrorism, drug use, harassment

  or other illegal activities

• Use of spyware or phishing techniques or motivated by fraudulent and dishonest practices

• A competitor or rival company.

The affiliate can also advertise the merchant’s website on online channels such as Facebook, Instagram or classified ads from offline classified channels, magazines and newspapers.

2a. Affiliate links and coupons

The affiliate link is automatically generated, but you can also generate an affiliate link for a specific product or collection. If a person clicks on someone else’s referral link and then clicks on yours, yours is what matters.

The affiliate may or may not be assigned a coupon code with details and usage clarified on the Dashboard. If the customer clicks on the affiliate link and uses the coupon code, you will not receive a double commission. If you are not given a branded coupon, you are not authorized to promote the coupon.

By joining the affiliate program, affiliates agree to promote honestly and fairly, using up-to-date information, provided by through our affiliate communications, with the intention of offering visitors an experience positive.

2b. Discounts, offers and promotions

Affiliates may only promote coupons or links that have been notified to them by Affiliate Manager.

From time to time we may issue coupons or links solely for the use of individual affiliates.

Affiliates may not promote exclusive coupons or links that have been issued to another affiliate.

We will cancel all fees attributed to the unauthorized use of such links or coupons.

Any discounts, offers and promotions should show available expiration dates to ensure customers clearly understand the duration of the promotion.

Affiliates are not permitted to promote offers that are not explicitly issued as part of the affiliate program, such as but not exclusive to offers that has made with partner companies.

Affiliates who are found to violate these terms will not receive payment for any sales resulting from this violation and may be removed from the program.

3. Fees and Payments

Payments will only be sent for transactions that have been successfully completed. Use of the affiliate program is subject to a fair use policy which gives the merchant the right to review each individual referral order. Commission status, if displayed in the Commission tab, any commission paid will be listed in the Payment tab. Transactions involving chargebacks or refunds will not be paid.

Payments will take place once a month if the minimum threshold of $ 500 has been reached, if the affiliate has not reached this threshold, we will not be able to arrange the payment.

The amount of the commission depends on the value of the order and does not include additional costs (taxes, shipping costs).

In order for an Affiliate to receive a commission, it is necessary to specify the payment details, in the registration section (Paypal email).

4. Cookies

We use a cookie to track people who have clicked on your link, so they must use cookies to be able to track them.

If a person does not allow cookies or clear their cookies, we cannot track that person, so we cannot pay earnings on that person’s business.

The day of the cookies is indicated on the affiliate registration form. The tracking day will begin from the moment a customer clicks the affiliate link or uses the coupon. Within the cookie time, every order placed by this customer on the merchant’s website will automatically result in affiliate commissions (the customer does not need to click on the affiliate link).

We remind you that links or coupons have a limited validity time.

5. Product Reviews

If you are assigned a product to review by, be sure to include in your review at least one direct link (non-affiliate tracking) to the product page or category page (e.g. TPE doll, silicone, etc.).

For all other product review requirements, please refer to your contact at or contact the Affiliate Manager directly.

6a. Domain Restrictions

Affiliates may not use the brand

(including any variations, spelling errors or derivatives) in registered domain names.

You can include the brand terms within the subfolder, so for example is allowed

Affiliates are required not to register similar, or similar confusing, domain names, nor that have specific or accidental intentions or consequences of visitors who think they are directed to

Any content, banners or photos provided by us must include the official logo to avoid confusion and trademark infringement.

6b. Other restrictions

• Affiliates may not frame the website or use masked URLs to promote Passion4dolls.

• Direct submission to the website is not permitted.

• Affiliates cannot use Pay per View / Cost per View marketing as the use of pop-ups and pop-unders to promote is not permitted.

• Affiliates may not alter any of the creatives available without the permission of Passion4dolls.

If they host creatives on their servers, affiliates need to ensure that that creative is kept up to date.

7. Passion4dolls PPC Restrictions

We don’t want affiliates to compete with our campaigns or drive up costs:

• PPC offers on the brand or brands (including any variations or misspellings such as Passion for dolls. Or Passion4dools, etc.) are not permitted.

• Please do not bid on “brand + generic” keywords, such as “ Offers”, “ Promo Codes or Coupons”, “ Underwear”, etc.

• Use URL as Display The URL is not allowed. If you have any questions about our PPC policy, please contact for clarification.

Please note that we will cancel commissions and reject any affiliates found in violation of our PPC restrictions. can deduplicate other marketing channels, including PPC, at any time.

8. Removal from the Affiliate Program

If an affiliate wishes to be removed from the affiliate program, they can do so by contacting:

Thank you for choosing Passion4dolls. Protection Status Check Passion4dolls on