5 Tips for Buying Lifelike Sex Dolls

5 Tips for Buying Lifelike Sex Dolls by Passion4dolls blog

5 Tips for Buying Lifelike Sex Dolls

In this article we will to discover 5 Tips for Buying Lifelike Sex Dolls

The world of sex toys constantly evolves to meet everyone’s needs and tastes.

In particular, the world of sex dolls is changing quickly, the new proposals are increasingly Hi-tech with the aim of being more and more realistic.

To free yourself from every doubt when buying a doll you should  know the right information, to avoid making an impulsive purchase.

At first sight, all sex dolls can give the impression that one is as good as the other, this is the most common mistake.

It is important to keep in mind that sex dolls are life-size toys, similar to real women, designed and created to give sexual pleasure: that’s the details that makes the difference.

Now we are going to discover the 5 useful tips that will help you understand how to choose the right realistic doll for you.



What is the right price for a sex doll?


The first tip for choosing the right doll is looking at the price.

The price of sex dolls varies a lot from the type of doll, certainly the higher it costs, the more customizable the doll will be.

In fact, the price of the doll already tell us what kind of doll we are dealing with.

To understand what the price affects, it is important to make distinctions between standard or warehouse dolls and customizable dolls.

The ability to customize a doll in itself guarantees a better quality of the product. Because the doll is built on the customer’s instructions, who can choose customizations at no additional cost or customizations for a fee.

Warehouse sex dolls are cheaper pratically all the same, because they are built in series with the same shapes and often even with the same face.

The finishes are poor for example, the seams that run along the body, arms and legs will be more visible. The only element that makes them seemingly different are the wigs.

It is also right to keep in mind that mass-produced dolls are not customizable in any way: this falls on the price but also on the final use.

In order to own a cheap doll, many people are constantly looking for lower and lower prices, forcing the market to lower prices at the expense of quality.

Realistic sex dolls are born with the intent of looking like real women in all aspects. To achieve this goal, specific materials have been made, to have the realistic tactile and sensory sensation, from the skin to the joints.

Consider that a doll with good quality materials fluctuates between ($ 1,500 / $ 3,000) if the material used is TPE, while if the doll is made of silicone the prices increase by ($ 3000 / $ 6000).

So, if you want a real sex doll, the right price is that guarantees maximum realism.

Otherwise there are cheaper alternatives but also very far from  life-size dolls.

For example, the classic inflatable doll has a very low cost and it is easy to understand why: the material used is simple vinyl, just inflate and the game is done. This type of doll is far from realism.

Another element that affects the price is the height of the doll. To be realistic in all respects to the real woman, even the measurements are real, ranging from 100 cm up to 170 cm.

The height of the realistic doll raises the price, simply because more material is used.

What is the right size for my realistic sex doll?

When we talk about dimensions we must take into consideration both the height and the thickness of the doll.

It must be remembered that the bigger a doll is the heavier it weighs: a big breast or a big butt makes the doll heavier therefore more difficult to handle and maneuver.

Tastes about size are personal, but we must keep in mind that for better usability, height and weight are factors that, when well proportioned, can greatly reduce the force required to move it.

In fact, a 170 cm tall doll with normal breasts and buttocks can weigh up to 42 kg.

But if you choose a 100cm doll with huge breasts and butt, despite being shorter in stature, she will weigh over 50kg.

The advice is to take a look at the data sheet to check the weight and exact measurements of the doll.

If the doll is purchased for sexual pleasure, the size really makes a difference. It can be moved more easily and the positions will also be easy to manage.

On the other hand, if the doll has other purposes such as keeping company or collecting and therefore is little moved, in these cases both the height and the weight can be overlooked and you can free your imagination.

What is the right material for my sex doll?

The materials used to make sex dolls are mainly two: silicone and TPE (thermoplastic elastomer).

Both materials have been studied and tested to achieve maximum realism.

To choose the right material for you, firstly  let’s try to understand which are the differences.

Silicone is a common material, the most popular and in use on many sex toys, it enhances the artistic details of love dolls.

Let’s see the pros and cons.


• It is a robust and resistant material;

• It is a non-porous material resistant to stains, it can be sterilized useful if you buy a used doll;

• It is super smooth to the touch;


• Much more expensive;

• It is a not very elastic and hard material;

• It is colder to the touch;

TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer), unlike silicone, is a compound material, similar to rubber that worked with new technologies, it is ideal for sex dolls because it makes them softer to the touch and similar to real women’s skin.

In addition, the TPE is very flexible and elastic, perfect to withstand to shocks and stress.

Let’s see the pros and cons.


Excellent quality-price ration TPE is a cheaper material than silicone but it guarantees a better realism to the touch;

Non-toxic and safe;

• Due to its softness, the skin, the mouth and the vagina seem real;

Resistant to fatigue and pressure;

• It can be recycled to respect the environment;

• It has a wide range of hardnesses and colors;

• Compared to silicone it is warmer to the touch;


• Unlike silicone, TPE is porous and can easily stain, it is always advisable to test the clothes before wearing them on the doll;

• Due to its porosity it cannot be completely sterilized, it is important to clean the doll after use;

• It is not very resistant to heat, the temperature cannot exceed 80 degrees;

• TPE is prone to liquid retention, after washing it is recommended to use a little bit of talcum powder;

Each manufacturer has its own secret TPE formula to stand out from the others and offer increasingly advanced solutions.

In fact, there are more advanced TPEs such as Jelly TPE which is even softer and more delicate to the touch, the final effect is truly amazing, much more realistic and vibrant compared to normal TPE.

The top of the TPE is definitely the Platinum TPE which is soft like Jelly TPE but it does not need to be oiled so there’s no need to use talcum powder, this reduces the maintenance time of the doll.

Which skeleton to choose for my doll?

If you decide to buy a sex doll and you want that it lasts over time, the choice of skeleton must be careful.

Skeleton of lifelike sex doll

There are different types of skeletons on the market, all of which have the same purpose to support the whole doll and move the joints, allowing the doll to bend and maintain a predetermined position exactly like a real woman.

The skeleton of the realistic dolls is made of metal, and is incorporated inside the doll and it cannot be replaced, that’s why it is important to choose the right one.

There are four types of skeleton commercially available:

The normal skeleton, this by default and included in the price, has a limited number of joints and a moderate usability that still allows easy adjustment of the movements.

So it is easy to manipulate and allows you to pose the doll in a trouble-free way, achieving a discreet realistic effect. However, the poses that can be obtained, are limited and in some cases, unnatural.

The dynamic skeleton has more joints in the shoulder area and a greater variety of movements: characteristics that allow for a more natural expression of the body. In particular in the shoulder area, this type of pose adjustment is more difficult to apply but with a truly realistic effect.

The skeleton with gears is a more advanced solution, it increases the movements in the lower part of the doll, the pelvis and legs have more fluidity of movement and it is therefore possible to keep the doll sitting naturally for sexier poses. Impossible positions with the previous skeletons.

The advanced skeleton is the sum of the previous ones, today it is the best available but also the most difficult to manage precisely because it can express numerous poses. It is necessary to develop a dexterity to express postures in a more natural way.

Once you learn how to use it well, it will be easier and you can experience with a variety of positions to achieve truly amazing realism.

This skeleton has a higher cost but allows for guaranteed fun.

Choose the skeleton that is closest to your needs, take into consideration the different possibilities and the type of use you want to make of it.

A choice that makes the difference is the reinforced feet that allow the doll to stand up on its own, an essential feature if you want to use the doll in an upright position.

What are the best brands of lifelike sex dolls?

In the panorama of realistic sex dolls, the choice of brands is also a factor that should not be discounted.

Among the best and most popular manufacturers able to have a large collection of dolls, with the ability to consider all tastes and always guaranteeing excellent quality materials, we find:

The JYdoll, Qita, Climaxdoll and Irontechdoll brands. These brands have consolidated their professionalism over time and they have earned the approval of customers.

JY Doll is a manufacturer specializing in the construction of TPE Sex Dolls.

It’s one of the most professional brands in the design and production of innovative and always avant-garde models.

Since 2016 it produces dolls with realistic skin in TPE and thanks to their exclusive formula, their dolls reach a very high level of realism.

It uses metal alloy skeletons with rigid and high quality structure, they hold positions very well, in addition they are well articulated and long-lasting.

The cavities of all dolls have perfectly shaped grooves inside them for maximum pleasure.

JY Doll creates only guaranteed and safe products, compliant with laws and environmental standards, because it subjects all the materials used to strict laboratory tests.

They have FDA, CE and RoHS certification.

The Irontech Doll is a manufacturer specializing in the construction of realistic sex dolls, especially in high quality TPE.

Today it is one of the most famous brand on the market. In fact it has achieved great success in a few years and its dolls are in demand all over the world.

It is always committed to satisfying its customers, through its large team of experts and the continuous research and experimentation of materials.

Irontech Doll focuses on studying real people to make sex dolls more and more realistic in every detail.

It offers a wide range of options, including the capability to create doll faces by extrapolating the image from a simple photograph. (Very expensive option)

The Irontech Doll brand creates only guaranteed and safe products, compliant with laws and environmental standards, because it subjects all materials  it use to strict laboratory tests.

They have FDA, CE and RoHS certification.

Qita Doll is one of the most elite manufacturers in Northeast China.

In fact, thanks to its large team of designers and make-up artists, it manages to offer very attractive sex dolls, all the dolls are designed and built with art.

The Qita brand carefully builds its high quality sex dolls in soft TPE.

It stands out in the creation of dolls with young and very realistic faces. The sex dolls are artfully built in every detail.

The Qita Doll brand produces dolls with only a fixed vagina, it is not possible to have a removable vagina, this choice offers greater realism. Dolls have only two orifices: anus and vagina, they don’t have a mouth.

Qita produces only guaranteed and safe products, compliant with laws and environmental standards, because it subjects all the materials used to strict laboratory tests.

They have FDA, CE and RoHS certification.

Climax Doll is a sex doll manufacturer based in China, since 2014,.

Today it exports its dolls all over the world, with thousands of satisfied customers. It specialized in producing lifelike sex dolls for adults.

Thanks to its large team of experts and the great experience gained over the years, it produces silicone and Tpe dolls of high realism and excellent quality.

It uses innovative materials designed to achieve perfect physical stimulation, equal to real sex with a real woman.

Each Climax Dolls has in fact a metal alloy skeleton, well articulated and resistant.

The consistency of Tpe (thermoplastic elastomer) is of medium-soft density, to simulate the soft skin of a real girl as realistic as possible.

The Climax Doll brand produces only guaranteed and safe products, compliant with environmental laws and standards, because it subjects all the materials used to strict laboratory tests.

They have FDA, CE and RoHS certification.

Each sex doll manufacturer stands out by offering its own style, choose the one that is most attractive for you.


To conclude, if you want to buy a realistic sex doll take these tips into consideration, check all the information that is available.

Check if the price is adequate compared to what is offered to you, choose the size and weight based on the intendend use  for you

Make sure that the materials used are of good quality and that also the skeleton reflects your needs.

Finally, always choose original manufacturers that guarantee the possibility of customizing, to obtain a real realistic doll.

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5 Tips for Buying Lifelike Sex Dolls

Now you know!

We have seen together what are the 5 tips for buying lifelike sex dolls.

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